Day: July 25, 2015


[email protected] / FoldingCoin Mining For Medical Cures Part 1 1 Comment

[email protected] is a long running project launched in 2000 by Stanford University which allows anyone with spare CPU or GPU cycles to simulate protein folding. “Fold” is the process by which proteins assemble themselves. If scientist can better understand folding through simulations they can design better therapies and drugs for many illnesses. "Protein Folding” is the process by which a pro...


Entrepreneur Tim Draper of Draper University Has Recently Decided To Back A New Start Up Platform Known As DataWallet. No Comments

Entrepreneur Tim Draper of Draper University has recently decided to back a new start up platform known as DataWallet. DataWallet is claiming to be a free meaning no setup fees, subscriptions or any other hidden fees. They are also asserting that DataWallet is a completely anonymous platform which allows individuals to be paid for sharing personal data with advertisers in 3 easy clicks. No info...


The Mysterious Disappearance And Transformation Of The Altcoin Exchange? No Comments

Since mid 2014 we have witnessed the mass extinction of many of the altcoin exchanges that had been in existence at the beginning of 2014. The question is “what happened”? Many say it is due to regulations while others attribute the disappearance to fraud and abuse. While a few cases can be chalked up to the above mentioned causes, noting some of the well known examples of Mt. Gox, MintP...