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FinCEN releases SAR Stats. MSB results are not flattering. No Comments

Earlier this month, FinCEN released the latest edition of its SAR Stats publication, a compilation of quantitative and qualitative data gathered from SAR filings. The (overly and conspicuously) comprehensive 44-page report contained detailed analysis of SAR narratives, emerging trends among SAR filings, and highlights from within each of the financial sectors, including MSBs. Often overlooked, ...

Bitcoin Could Have Stopped Oppenheim’s Fraud No Comments

As the recent indictment of Michael Oppenheim clearly shows, the traditional financial system is rife with abuse. On the rare occasions that I unexpectedly find someone in my area that has already heard of Bitcoin, however, they invariably associate it with the black market, and lack familiarity with applications outside its use for maintaining anonymity. This impedes Bitcoin's mainstream acceptan...