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BatMan Switches From The BatPhone To BitPhone No Comments

Batman switches phone service from BatPhone to the new, better and safer alternative. BitPhone, from Solid Cloud, is changing the world once again using bitcoin technology. BitPhone does not require registration for use, and is in fact an anonymous payphone. BitPhone is Web RTC (Web Real Time Communications) based that can call SIP (ViOP uniform locator similar to URL) addresses, PSTN (Publi...


Bitcoin – Keystone 2015 Los Angles “How to Harness the Distributed Ledger” No Comments

Keystone 2015 Los Angles is set for August 3rd 2015, and is entitled “How to Harness the Distributed Ledger” and will be discussed in great detail by many of the Financial Tech superstars and leaders. A few of the cryptocurrency names that will be speaking include Peter Rizzo (US Editor – Coindesk), Vinny Lingham (CEO - Gyft), Will O’Brien (LP – Blockchain Capital), Daniel Palacio (Fo...