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Out of the bag.

Something is out of the bag at Cryptsy 3 Comments

On January 14th, Cryptsy made a blog post explaining it's present situation and problems with the exchange. The posts states they finally want to let everyone know what these problems stem from. They were not because of any recent phishing attacks, or even a DDoS attack, nor does it have anything to do personal issues. The post explains that a person claiming to want to resurrect an un-maintain...

Cryptsy hacked!!...???

Cryptsy alleges security breach and freezes trading and withdrawals 1 Comment

Troubling times and riled up masses are at cryptocurrency exchange, The angry customers are circling, and it only takes a moment to see why! As of 9 pm MST on 1/12/2016, according to JShock (Cryptsy Admin) all withdrawals have been frozen. This was followed up with a series of notices by NerdLifeLabs (Crptsy moderator) that all withdrawals are paused for security reasons, and possible...