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Canada eCoin [CDN] Is Emerging With A Resurgence In Development And A Community Takeover… No Comments

Originally Launched in March of 2014 Canada eCoin [CDN] is a scrypt algorithm digital currency with merge mine-able support that over the course of the last year has seen it's share of challenges within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The original developers seem to have all but given up on the project over the course of the last few months but just recently their has been a resurgence of this co...


BURSTCOIN Celebrates Birthday With Release Of New Energy Efficient HDD Mining Wallet No Comments

Founded August 10, 2014 , Burstcoin [BURST] uses a unique algorithm called Proof of Capacity or (PoC), which utilizes unused hard disk drive space instead of a processor or graphics card while mining for BURST. Miners can pre-generate chunks of data known as 'plots' which are then saved to the hard disk. The number of plots stored is effectively the mining speed. Every block a miner skims through ...


Poloniex Blocks Bitcoin Trading Services In New York Following Controversial Bit License Requirement 2 Comments

Poloniex a very popular U.S. based cryptocurrency trading exchange platform will block New York residents from services beginning August 8th 2015. Users of the site have been issued an email warning letting them know they must remove funds if they reside in NY. “In accordance with the New York State Department of Financial Services, Poloniex will no longer be allowed to provide services to resi...


GuccioneCoin A One Of A Kind Cryptocurrency With A Gigantic Built-In Community 2 Comments

Nicholas Guccione is the youngest son of the late Bob Guccione Founder of PENTHOUSE and OMNI Magazines and General Media International. The launch of GuccioneCoin [GCC] is a one of a kind cryptocurrency with a gigantic built-in community primed for the benefits of decentralized, anonymous, low cost blockchain technology. Nicholas Guccione began his Crypto-Research a little over a year a...


Changing Africa Remittance With Kobocoin No Comments

The creation of the cryptocurrency has led to innovation, creation and even financial reform. There are a multitude of coins being released, though some have real power for change. Kobocoin (KOBO), founded in Feb 2015 and has been very aggressive in building a highly secure and stable platform that is aimed at the African local business and remittance markets, with remittance currently totaling...