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LTBCoin Recently Dodge’s A Bullet As “LetsTalkBitcoin” Community Successfully Negotiates A Stay Of Execution No Comments

On July 21, 2015 a de-list order was issued against LTBcoin by Poloniex Exchange officials who stated that “Passionate pleas from the community have convinced us not to de-list LTBC”. This news comes as a shock to the Let's Talk Bitcoin community, the community has had a tremendous impact on spreading the word about bitcoin through a content platform that rewards it's contributors in LTBCoi...


[email protected] / FoldingCoin Mining for Medical Cures Part 2 No Comments

In part one of this article, [email protected] network was explained and the ease in which you can contribute to scientific research, finding medical cures by simulation protein folding. In part 2, FoldingCoin (FLDC) will be introduced... FoldingCoin is a token reward for people contributing their extra computer power to the Stanford University School of Medicine's [email protected] network. If con...


Folding[email protected] / FoldingCoin Mining For Medical Cures Part 1 1 Comment

[email protected] is a long running project launched in 2000 by Stanford University which allows anyone with spare CPU or GPU cycles to simulate protein folding. “Fold” is the process by which proteins assemble themselves. If scientist can better understand folding through simulations they can design better therapies and drugs for many illnesses. "Protein Folding” is the process by which a pro...