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Jeff Garzik Proposes New BIP100 Solution To Bitcoin Block Size Debate 4 Comments

Bitcoin core developer Jeff Garzik has recently proposed a consensus based solution to the bitcoin block size debate and the proposal is drawing attention from some heavy hitters in the bitcoin ecosystem. The block size debate began back in October 2014 when Gavin Andresen announced a proposal through the Bitcoin Foundation blog entitled "A Scalability Roadmap". Since then ex-google developer Mik...

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Jeff Garzik’s Proposal On The Blockchain Debate: 2 MB Blocks No Comments

Jeff Garzik, known for significant code contributions to the Bitcoin reference client (Bitcoin QT / Core) and his Bitsat project, which aims to put Bitcoin nodes into orbit, recently submitted Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) 102 to address the blockchain debate over block size. [caption id="attachment_21831" align="alignleft" width="150"] Jeff Garzik[/caption] As you probably know, Bitcoi...