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BURSTCOIN Celebrates Birthday With Release Of New Energy Efficient HDD Mining Wallet No Comments

Founded August 10, 2014 , Burstcoin [BURST] uses a unique algorithm called Proof of Capacity or (PoC), which utilizes unused hard disk drive space instead of a processor or graphics card while mining for BURST. Miners can pre-generate chunks of data known as 'plots' which are then saved to the hard disk. The number of plots stored is effectively the mining speed. Every block a miner skims through ...


Bitshares 2.0 Partners With Data Security Node Inc 1 Comment

Bitshares 2.0 a one of a kind decentralized smart contract platform has partnered with Data Security Node Inc. a 64,000 Sq. Ft. nuclear bunker data center located in Nova Scotia, Canada to help bring about a new era of financial freedom and transparency preparing to introduce a number of crypto-asset driven solutions. BunkerDEX is one of these solutions which will enable the exchange of crypto-...