OKCash Looking To Position Itself Among The Leaders In Digital Currency Ecosystem

OKCash [OK] is a next generation, social, secure, decentralized and user friendly digital currency. Formerly known as PimpCash the community decided it was time to re-brand the currency to appeal to a wider audience making it easier to integrate into new markets.

Since shedding it’s skin so to speak and announcing it’s new identity OKCash has done some amazing things and has had a major impact on it’s market performance.

OKCash is a PoW/PoS Hybrid cryptocurrency, the PoW phase has long since ended however the PoS functionality is alive and well paying out an annual 69% stake reward after only 8-24 hours in the first year.
With just under 50 million max coins in circulation, OkCash has built a solid community of over 36,245 payment addresses in use with 839 of those addresses carrying balances of 1000+

Transactions are almost instantaneous making OKCash great for sending to family, friends or paying for goods and services anywhere in the world. You can also accept payments anywhere in the world with absolutely no processing fees.
OKCash makes it fun and easy for everyone to share and spend via social networks, bringing people together through social payments.

OKCash wallets available for download for Window, Mac OSX, Ubuntu Linux and Raspberry Pi. OKCash can also be purchased and traded at Bittrex, Bleutrade, Cryptopia, YoBit and C-Cex

Recently, OKCash has has joined the likes of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin integrating with Raspberry Pi’s [Raspbian OS] ROKOS V1 & V2 including a synched and fully functional wallet out of the box.

OKCash holds community events worldwide to Support Bitcoin [BTC] and OKCash [OK] awareness, education and adoption.

OKCash has been very active and is looking to take its place among the leading cryptocurrencies on the market. If you are just hearing about OKCash it would be wise to put them on your radar of cryptocurrencies to watch moving forward.

OKCash has BIG plans and has taken the necessary steps to ensure success. OKCash has stood the test of time and has not thrown in the towel, they remain a viable and promising alternative digital currency and looks to be here for the long term.

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DigitalNote XDN, formerly DarkNote a CryptoNote based digital currency is picking up steam and is quickly becoming a contender in the cryptosphere.

DigitalNote is based on CryptoNote anonymous “ring signature” technology and updated with unique untraceable encrypted messaging and blockchain based deposits. Nobody owns or controls DigitalNote, it uses peer-to-peer technology and a fair ASIC- Resistant PoW mining process to operate with no central authority.

DigitalNote provides instant worldwide privacy protected transactions and untraceable encrypted messaging transfers with almost zero processing fees in a decentralized peer-to-peer user network. Mathematics secures the XDN network and empowers individuals to control their own finances and information. Your private key is your bank account, without censorship or surveillance.

One of the benefits of using DigitalNote is that it’s blockchain is resistant to any kind of analysis. All XDN transactions and messages transfers are unlink-able.
Another benefit is XDN since the very first block it has been mined by cryptocurrency community users with CPU-efficient PoW or Proof of Work.
DigitalNote uses decentralized peer-to-peer network technology to operate with no central authority as your keys file functions as a private XDN bank.

DigitalNote Specifications:
Maximum XDN number: 8 589 869 056 XDN
Ready for mass adoption, accurate digital money, the 6th perfect number
Libertarian XDN supply with ASIC resistant mining
Unique model of market economy combined with blockchain technology
Block reward: 150 XDN
Constant DigitalNote base mining reward makes it predictable for miners
Deposit interest rate: 0.4 to 1.094% annual
The only cryptocurrency with blockchain deposits
Block target time: 4 minute
DigitalNote network is 2.5x faster than Bitcoin
Mining algorithm: Proof-of-work, CryptoNight
CPU-efficient mining process for average PC or laptop.
Minimum transaction fee: 0.001 XDN
Micropayments made easy with DigitalNote

You can acquire DigitalNote through mining as DigitalNote distribution happens with a fair ASIC Resistant Proof-of-work mining process or you can trade or purchase XDN at the exchange, currently DigitalNote is listed at Poloniex, Bter and HitBTC.

DigitalNote GUI Wallets are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX with integrated mining ability.
Within the last 90 days DigitalNote has seen substantial increases in value climbing from an estimate 19 Satoshi in May of 2015 to highs of around 106 Satoshi at present.

Moving ahead into the future DigitalNote has plans to implement Proof-of-Activity based on blockchain deposits, a mobile client, aliases for your @messages and even blockchain Digital ID.

DigitalNote has achieved some significant milestones within the last 2 weeks and has been very active on the exchanges. Keep an eye on DigitalNote as it is poised for ROCKSTAR status!!

CryptoCollider releases a new, fun and one of a kind cryptocurrency gaming / trading platform unlike anything seen before in the world of digital currencies.

The game features a transparent “GameChain” ledger and supports most popular cryptocoins including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, NXT, Primecoin, Litecoin and many more.

CryptoCollider introduces a new way to leverage or increase the value in any of the given digital currencies without affecting its price. The game provides a trading utility while also being an entertaining way to hedge, socialize and earn profits. CryptoCollider has also recently been featured in the adobe flash showcase.

CryptoCollider is a p2p game so fees are only applied as transfer fees when coins are transferred between players as a result of game-play. Play occurs with a variety of reputable, industry leading cryptocoins which allow players to trade, hedge and win between their different coins as player strategies go head to head.

The game resides in a virtual physics world where digital currencies take on a virtual physical form as they enter the CryptoCollider environment in the exact sequence, location, velocity, angle and spin created by players using the mouse or a touch-screen.

Each coin-throw has a random amount staked on that throw. The sum dollar value of the throw will determine the in-game “weight” in both the physics calculation or influence on game objects and the percentage of winnings for the winners.

The outcome is a one of a kind trading experience that is fun, exciting and unpredictable while at the same time fair and winnable with multiple chances to gain in profits.

To use as a hedging tool in trading players simply deposit whichever digital currency they would like to hedge, and play the game using fractions of chosen currency, this will allow you to keep playing as long as you can while that specific coin. Once gone, whatever you have won during the game in various other coins, is essentially what you have hedged the initial deposit into.

Game points earned playing can also be transformed into ColliderCoin, a core product of the game that unlocks special features and strategic abilities.

ColliderCoins can be used in the game for strategy however they can never be lost and will earn a percentage of all game fees for every holder of ColliderCoins.

Getting started with CryptoCollider is easy but difficult to master. Player winning percentages can improve in the long term with practice and a clear understanding of the game. Ask questions and watch replays frame-by-frame from the beginning to end to understand the different strategies of each player, what worked and what did not.

Inspired by Bitcoin, CryptoCollider uses open source decentralized client side physics code as a logarithm to create and confirm all results with complete transparency. Each game creates an in game chain or record resulting in what is called the “GameChain”, a permanent public ledger of all game activity similar to a blockchain.

The game itself is the visualization of this data. When replaying and watching a game, players are both visually and mathematically confirming results with other players at the same time. This creates a dynamic, higher level of transparency, fair distribution, innovation and excitement for all players involved. Other features include a background music video feed and news feeds on all supported currencies including price, difficulty, supply and hash rate accessible through the coin-info interface.

Bitshares 2.0 a one of a kind decentralized smart contract platform has partnered with Data Security Node Inc. a 64,000 Sq. Ft. nuclear bunker data center located in Nova Scotia, Canada to help bring about a new era of financial freedom and transparency preparing to introduce a number of crypto-asset driven solutions.

BunkerDEX is one of these solutions which will enable the exchange of crypto-assets between multiple blockchains. Using the BitShares network, users will be able to exchange digital assets of all sorts, from popular digital currencies like Bitcoin, to Smartcoins that hold the value of the Dollar and Euro, to alternative banking solutions like bill and payment services that provide lower fees and less risk than most brick-and-mortar intitutions.

BunkerMining is a crypto mining pool that will soon pay miners in SmartCoins such as bitUSD and bitEuro, another option for miners will be to have gold or silver drop-shipped to their door. BunkerMining will operate as a zero fee network thanks to the efficiencies it gains by operating through the BunkerDEX.
BitShares’ high capacity network, the BunkerDEX will enable anyone with a SmartPhone to cash a check, pay bills online, or send money to friends and family in any SmartCoin chosen by the user.

BunkerDEX will also provide secure gateway transactions that will enable users to easily transact their everyday banking and purchases around the world.
BitShares is decentralized, so every shareholder has private access to funds. Now account holders can enjoy the convenience of daily banking transactions without risk of bank failure.

To help raise money for expansion, DNS will soon begin selling an asset called BunkerShares, which will be issued onto the BitShares Decentralized Exchange as User Issued Assets.

SAFE will be a platform that provides businesses in high demand industries a way to raise funds from investors without issuing securities. Instead, the investors will act as middleman on purchases, investments will always be protected against the potential harm of a liquidity crunch.

Return on investment for SAFE “shareholders” in a company have the potential to be much higher than traditional securities instruments, comparable to what an equity investment return would have in the short term.

By using the BitShares network, all transactions are decentralized and made public, so the entire system can be audited at any time by any shareholder simply by using a SAFE company online shopping cart to make purchases.

SAFE balances incentives of investors and companies in a more user friendly environment than traditional stocks, so investors in small businesses don’t have to wait years or longer for the chance to liquidate their holdings.