Bitshares 2.0 Partners With Data Security Node Inc

Bitshares 2.0 a one of a kind decentralized smart contract platform has partnered with Data Security Node Inc. a 64,000 Sq. Ft. nuclear bunker data center located in Nova Scotia, Canada to help bring about a new era of financial freedom and transparency preparing to introduce a number of crypto-asset driven solutions.

BunkerDEX is one of these solutions which will enable the exchange of crypto-assets between multiple blockchains. Using the BitShares network, users will be able to exchange digital assets of all sorts, from popular digital currencies like Bitcoin, to Smartcoins that hold the value of the Dollar and Euro, to alternative banking solutions like bill and payment services that provide lower fees and less risk than most brick-and-mortar intitutions.

BunkerMining is a crypto mining pool that will soon pay miners in SmartCoins such as bitUSD and bitEuro, another option for miners will be to have gold or silver drop-shipped to their door. BunkerMining will operate as a zero fee network thanks to the efficiencies it gains by operating through the BunkerDEX.
BitShares’ high capacity network, the BunkerDEX will enable anyone with a SmartPhone to cash a check, pay bills online, or send money to friends and family in any SmartCoin chosen by the user.

BunkerDEX will also provide secure gateway transactions that will enable users to easily transact their everyday banking and purchases around the world.
BitShares is decentralized, so every shareholder has private access to funds. Now account holders can enjoy the convenience of daily banking transactions without risk of bank failure.

To help raise money for expansion, DNS will soon begin selling an asset called BunkerShares, which will be issued onto the BitShares Decentralized Exchange as User Issued Assets.

SAFE will be a platform that provides businesses in high demand industries a way to raise funds from investors without issuing securities. Instead, the investors will act as middleman on purchases, investments will always be protected against the potential harm of a liquidity crunch.

Return on investment for SAFE “shareholders” in a company have the potential to be much higher than traditional securities instruments, comparable to what an equity investment return would have in the short term.

By using the BitShares network, all transactions are decentralized and made public, so the entire system can be audited at any time by any shareholder simply by using a SAFE company online shopping cart to make purchases.

SAFE balances incentives of investors and companies in a more user friendly environment than traditional stocks, so investors in small businesses don’t have to wait years or longer for the chance to liquidate their holdings.

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