OKCash Looking To Position Itself Among The Leaders In Digital Currency Ecosystem

OKCash [OK] is a next generation, social, secure, decentralized and user friendly digital currency. Formerly known as PimpCash the community decided it was time to re-brand the currency to appeal to a wider audience making it easier to integrate into new markets.

Since shedding it’s skin so to speak and announcing it’s new identity OKCash has done some amazing things and has had a major impact on it’s market performance.

OKCash is a PoW/PoS Hybrid cryptocurrency, the PoW phase has long since ended however the PoS functionality is alive and well paying out an annual 69% stake reward after only 8-24 hours in the first year.
With just under 50 million max coins in circulation, OkCash has built a solid community of over 36,245 payment addresses in use with 839 of those addresses carrying balances of 1000+

Transactions are almost instantaneous making OKCash great for sending to family, friends or paying for goods and services anywhere in the world. You can also accept payments anywhere in the world with absolutely no processing fees.
OKCash makes it fun and easy for everyone to share and spend via social networks, bringing people together through social payments.

OKCash wallets available for download for Window, Mac OSX, Ubuntu Linux and Raspberry Pi. OKCash can also be purchased and traded at Bittrex, Bleutrade, Cryptopia, YoBit and C-Cex

Recently, OKCash has has joined the likes of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin integrating with Raspberry Pi’s [Raspbian OS] ROKOS V1 & V2 including a synched and fully functional wallet out of the box.

OKCash holds community events worldwide to Support Bitcoin [BTC] and OKCash [OK] awareness, education and adoption.

OKCash has been very active and is looking to take its place among the leading cryptocurrencies on the market. If you are just hearing about OKCash it would be wise to put them on your radar of cryptocurrencies to watch moving forward.

OKCash has BIG plans and has taken the necessary steps to ensure success. OKCash has stood the test of time and has not thrown in the towel, they remain a viable and promising alternative digital currency and looks to be here for the long term.

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