Entrepreneur Tim Draper of Draper University Has Recently Decided To Back A New Start Up Platform Known As DataWallet.

Entrepreneur Tim Draper of Draper University has recently decided to back a new start up platform known as DataWallet.

DataWallet is claiming to be a free meaning no setup fees, subscriptions or any other hidden fees. They are also asserting that DataWallet is a completely anonymous platform which allows individuals to be paid for sharing personal data with advertisers in 3 easy clicks. No information will be personally identifiable offering a guarantee that no one will ever have access to any of your personal details.

DataWallet also states that all data protected through multiple layers of encryption promising the highest levels of online security available.

Once you set up your account DataWallet also lets you “choose your buyer” getting full insights as to which companies would like to purchase your data and for what purposes, as a user you decide who gets access and who does not. DataWallet can plug into various online accounts, including that of Facebook, Twitter, Eventbrite, Spotify, Airbnb, Uber, Amazon and more.

While it is not clear that bitcoin will be offered as a payment option, due to the fact that Tim Draper is backing this project it would be safe to say that it is a very strong possibility.

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