IncaKoin [NKA] Can Approximately Double Its Existing Amount Of Coins Every 90 Days

IncaKoin (NKA) was launched back in the Fall of 2013 and has been a cult favorite ever since.

A lot of people have experienced low end yet consistent gains who have invested, mined or otherwise obtained them. In action is a SHA256d POW/POS decentralized cryptocurrency.

The BM Group in Upstate New York were the primary people trusted early on since its inception to run IncaKoin. Being an Open Source Community Project with its source on Github for anyone to improve on through traditional submission of Pull Requests keeps it decentralized and Peer to Peer which means nobody actually owns the coin, only the coins that an individual possesses are what can belong to a person as far as ownership.

IncaKoin, is part of The Open Source Initiative, Licensed through MIT, its protected on Github and openly distributed through the Fair Use Act and is covered through Creative Commons Licensing.

Below is a brief update and explanation in more depth regarding IncaKoin by one of Incakoin’s founders Robert Tambasco.

“IncaKoin is looking to expand and everyone is invited. As Owner/Operators of IncaKoin, which is a peer to peer decentralized cryptocurrency. There are now many cryptocurrencies, all built as unique recipes and derivatives of Bitcoin which operate in the wild without a need for a centralized authority yet are becoming mainstream. Currently, IncaKoin is an extremely small network, and with unique characteristics. It has enormous potential to expand in value, as it is distributed and utilized by more users daily.”

In contrast to Bitcoin which can only be mined through a hashing function called Proof of Work. (POW) IncaKoin can be mined through a low energy, yet highly secure new hashing function called Proof of Stake. (POS) This means any Windows 7/8 Operating System or Linux Ubuntu PC can easily mine it, without the cost of specialized hardware or extra electricity other than a PC and internet connection.

IncaKoin is an inflationary currency, however the benefit of the Quantitative Easing type aspects built into the coins recreation or interest is completely at the discretion of the user.

IncaKoin can approximately double its existing amount of coins every 90 days. As this is the case, everyone can equally inflate the money supply at a tantamount rate, and should do so to keep their percentages of the weight of the network high if that is their intent.

The advantage can be understood when it is counted by the total percentage of the entire coin network, rather than simply counting the coins themselves. For example, if a person was to buy any percentage of the total amount of coins, that percentage of the network could be held while it is staking and multiply in size 100 percent every 90 days as explained above.

The coins themselves are responsible for generating more coins instead of high end expensive,, power intensive, environmentally unfriendly, large expensive hard to obtain ASIC SHA256d Miners.

IncaKoin is a great Marketing Strategy for any sort of Business. IncaKoina can be found on the international cryptocurrency exchange C-Cex. Its many benefits as a business add on would improve advertising and promotion even if the business is non cryptocurrency related. Additionally, it allows anyone to create a market and DIY private financial transmission network for profit.

IncaKoin is a free market coin and is mildly regulated in the US. Its valuation floats upon demand, just as every other market of government fiat currency, commodity, stock or financial instrument does in a free market.

IncaKoin can be transmitted instantly to a cold storage offline paper wallet in any amount, anywhere in the world with a minimal fee.

They can also be created by you securely while unplugged from the internet. These paper wallets, which are easily printed up can be used as a public address which includes private keys and QR codes which can help promote any Business.

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