Changing Africa Remittance With Kobocoin

The creation of the cryptocurrency has led to innovation, creation and even financial reform. There are a multitude of coins being released, though some have real power for change.

Kobocoin (KOBO), founded in Feb 2015 and has been very aggressive in building a highly secure and stable platform that is aimed at the African local business and remittance markets, with remittance currently totaling more than $80 billion per year in Africa alone.

Designed primarily as a P2P currency to be used for face-to-face local purchases with fast transaction times of about 2 minutes and low transaction fees.
Kobocoin is a PoS or Proof of Stake currency with 10% per annum growth per year credited daily, paid to every person that holds a funded wallet, continuing until full allocation of new coins have been placed into circulation.

Coins come and go, but what makes Kobocoin such a strong contender for Africa is the massive infrastructure that has been developed rivaling larger and more dominant digital currencies.

Currently, Kobocoin has digital wallets available for Windows, MacOS and mobile wallets for Android and Blackberry. The digital wallets currently allow for transactions in over 150 fiat currencies and are currently being integrated in to payment gateways and market place systems.

Founder Felix Ugoji stated that they have been “happy to be under the radar until now as it has kept the market pressure off Kobocoin and we’ve been allowed to develop organically and build a resilient platform/ecosystem.”

This platform includes geographically dispersed DNS seeders and Abe explorers to further secure Kobocoin.

In conclusion, Kobocoin is a coin that can truly benefit the people of Africa, while still utilizing the world economy.

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