LTBCoin Recently Dodge’s A Bullet As “LetsTalkBitcoin” Community Successfully Negotiates A Stay Of Execution

On July 21, 2015 a de-list order was issued against LTBcoin by Poloniex Exchange officials who stated that “Passionate pleas from the community have convinced us not to de-list LTBC”.

This news comes as a shock to the Let’s Talk Bitcoin community, the community has had a tremendous impact on spreading the word about bitcoin through a content platform that rewards it’s contributors in LTBCoin.

Research on LTBCoin in the markets show that LTBCoin has seen it’s ups and downs just like many other coins on the market. However, with LTBCoin the fluctuation in volatility has historically been very low, LTBCoin has been a fairly stable cryptocurrency so when the news broke about the coin being de-listed at Poloniex it took the community and many traders by surprise to say the least.

LTBcoin does not use computational mining like traditional altcoins.

Instead, LTBcoins are distributed to content creators, the community and the “Let’sTalkBitcoin” platform according to a fixed schedule.

After a period of 260 weeks (5 years), all coins will be distributed and no new coins will be created.

LTBcoin is a user-defined asset using the Counterparty protocol. Counterparty is built on Bitcoin and is secured by the Bitcoin network. Because of this, LTBcoin addresses are exactly the same as Bitcoin addresses. LTBcoin can be traded on the Counterparty distributed exchange for Bitcoin, XCP or other user-defined assets.

How to get LTBCoin:

First, visit CounterWallet and generate a free multi-wallet that holds bitcoins, LTBCoins and anything else built on Bitcoin using the Counterparty protocol. With one click you’ll generate a secure 12 word password, you’ll want to keep it safe as it’s your private key. Once you’ve created your password, log into your wallet and you’ll see three brand new bitcoin addresses you control.

Copy one of those addresses, then head over to and login to your account in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Inside your account you’ll have a few options, one of which is “My Profile” – Click on that, and at the bottom of the page you’ll see a place to put your LTBcoin address.

Paste your newly created bitcoin address, save the change and you’re done!

How you can help:

The community over at Let’s Talk Bitcoin could really use some support with LTBCoin as they have spent many hours and put a lot of hard work into this project and would like to see it become a success for the entire bitcoin ecosystem.

If you get the chance check out Let’s Talk Bitcoin and see how you can get started contributing to the platform and you may want to visit Poloniex and let them know what you think about LTBCoin and why they should not de-list it.

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In part one of this article, [email protected] network was explained and the ease in which you can contribute to scientific research, finding medical cures by simulation protein folding.

In part 2, FoldingCoin (FLDC) will be introduced…

FoldingCoin is a token reward for people contributing their extra computer power to the Stanford University School of Medicine’s [email protected] network.

If contributing to [email protected] one can earn FoldingCoin, anyone can contribute to [email protected] without receiving FoldingCoin if the reward of contributing is enough, however, one can also contribute and receive financial rewards in FoldingCoin as well.

One can also earn other coins in addition to FoldingCoin with merged folding, similar to merged mining giving the chance to increase the financial rewards.

FoldingCoin is built on the Counterparty platform so one will need a Counterwallet account to receive FoldingCoin rewards.

When you install the [email protected] client, one will want to include a Counterwallet wallet address and “Identity Name”. Don’t worry if  already started folding after reading part 1 of this 2 part series it is easy to change identity name to start receiving FoldingCoin.

The FoldingCoin payments are sent out by the FoldingCoin team and one might want to follow @FoldingCoin on Twitter to keep informed about payments and other FoldingCoin current events.

The FoldingCoin website has well written documentation and even videos to walk you through all the steps to get started.

The FoldingCoin development team and community is very active and has monthly video conference meetings you can join or watch on YouTube.

There is a faucet at ( maintained by a FoldingCoin community member as well.

FoldingCoin developers have even made a FoldingCoin Market where one can buy FoldingCoin merchandise at

FoldingCoin recently just celebrated its first birthday and is trading at Bittrex, Poloniex, and Master eXchange at just above 30 Satoshi’s at the time of this writing. The well-organized development team looks to drive the project and the coin’s value further in the coming years.

If looking to earn a profit while being a part of [email protected] and all the wonderful things the project is achieving, you have found it. FoldingCoin provides incentive to mine for medical cures with a way to take part in freeing the world of some of the most infamous and devastating diseases. Get started today!