GorillaStake Takes Cloudbased Staking To A New Level

If you’ve seen any television or internet ads in the past few years, you are vaguely familiar with what cloud computing is. The cloud is a network of servers, and each server has a different function. Some servers use computing power to run applications or “deliver a service.”‘ This is a very appropriate definition as it applies to GorillaStake, offering a cloud-based staking service available to anyone globally.

The cloud is more an idea than a practice; in reality, there is no cloud itself, there are just remote computers somewhere in the world. GorillaStake has developed, secured, and screens its cloud to only accept trusted connections, meaning the physical location of the staking ‘cloud’ is not published on mainnet, lowering the chance of interference, GorillaStake uses an extra layer of public nodes to screen any network activity.

By screening all traffic, GorillaStake servers are ensured to remain private, secure, and uninterrupted staking. Even if you only want to use it while on vacation or out of town on business, at a one time payment of $9.99, Cloud Staking pays for itself in a small fraction of the time hardware mining units return on investment.

Not only do you have ZERO hardware to worry about, but GorillaStake comes with a trusted support team ready to assist you at any time, should any problems arise. In over six months of operation, we are proud to say we have had zero complaints with our service.

GorillaStake does things a little differently. When an order is submitted for enrollment in Cloud Staking, a Private Key is mailed via snail mail to the provided name and shipping address.

This Private Key is now entered into one of our secluded staking centers and will provide you a reliable way to ensure your funds are staking, even when your computer is not on. Not only does this save you energy costs, but it also maximizes staking returns vs network inflation.

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