Team North East

Steven Saxton – Author  Steven

Steven Has a 20+ Year Professional Background In Systems Admin and Developing. Recently Steven Has Become A Fan of Everything Crypto And Has SinceApplied His Skills  Toward Development Of Cryptocurrency and The Blockchain. Steven Entered the Crypto-Scene Building Apps [Faucets] And Never Looked Back. Steven Has Recognized The Huge Impact of the Blockchain and Shared Ledgers Not Only In The Financial Sector But Across The Board. He Has Given Away Thousands Of Cryptocoins That He Has Mined Himself And Believes In Order For Mass Adoption That People Must Share Their Experiences With Digital Currency and the Blockchain, As a Writer For Team NewsBTC USA, he hopes to communicate this message to readers all over the world.

Sean David – AuthorSean

Sean has been involved in Bitcoin research since 2011. His research and training have included all aspects of Mining, Blockchain Research, Forum Moderation and Cryptocurrency Development. Sean believes in Bitcoin very much and is equally supportive of all cryptocurrencies and was able to see their true potential early on often volunteering his time to worthwhile projects. Sean has a good understanding of current regulations including FinCEN Requirements and the global KYC/AML guidelines. Sean Is Very Excited To Be Writing For Team NewsBTC USA!!

 Michael Anthony – Editor michael


Michael helps cryptocurrencies empower the public, in its battle against corruption and inefficiency, by explaining how the blockchain’s pseudonymous nature not only facilitates evasion of government overreach, but also offers a streamlined means of potentially tracking transactions conducted by those whom we trust with our money (e.g. politicians, investment managers). Outside cryptography, his interests generally center on medicine, especially regarding the neurological substrates of intelligence.

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